Vogue Performance over 10 years serving Edmonton



VOGUE PERFORMANCE is an Edmonton based company servicing satisfied customers within Alberta. We have established ourselves in the last 10 years, as a well respected automotive shop with the trust of local dealerships and the help of our loyal clients offering top quality products, workmanship and service. Offering over 40 years of combined experience in electronics and automotive customization from our employees, Our company specializes in customizing and building project vehicles and installation for video/audio systems. We offer: 12 volt upgrades, Car starters, performance upgrades, accessories, audio and video DVD systems, Paint protection film, custom paint, custom wheels/ tires and detailing.



We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service possible to achieve the perfect, technologically and aesthetically integrated system, customized to there exact requirements.


I got a remote starter here for a great deal...best quality install i've ever seen. My car was hell, and this guy did it. First off its VW so the wiring was bananas... its a diesel, so thats a pain too.. its also manual so there's a bunch of bypass and special stuff for that. Also had trouble with door pins because the car is a bit older... Not only did he spend the time to do a clean install with great wiring and very tidy looking everywhere..but he also noticed my window glass was loose and crooked and he straightened and tightened it.. he even repaired a ground connection so my interior dome lights would work...and installed a new door pin so the system would work properly rather than rely on the sketchy old factory one. I got a good product, paid a fair price... but so far it seems like the quality of workmanship and service is what makes it worthwhile. The guy took the time to explain to me the specific issues with my car and what made it unique... compared to other models. I'm a geek for that stuff so it was much appreciated. Very legit, no BS kind of place. Forget the chumps at certified radio screwing up every other ride they touch with their cheap junky knockoff starters/alarms... and heaven help you if you let the teenieboppers at best buy and futureshop touch your stuff. Go see a pro, an elite private shop with good gear. It helps there was a McLaren and a Lambo in the shop along with my humble Jetta, and a GSXR750 in the corner. Spend the time on a good job, use this shop. 

Mike Thomas.  

Vogue is a Professional and  friendly Company. Have been a long customer! Very knowledgeable on car alarm / remote system as I have a 20+ year old Mercedes to install the system that most of that shops are reluctant to work on it or even over- quote/charge the job since I have such a car. However, Vogue's charges are reasonable. Highly recommended! Jeffery S.  

VOGUE PERFORMANCE is an extremely great company. The individual who did our house work for our alarm system and entertainment centers (Pierre) always took the time to explain everything clearly and took the time to answer all of our questions. We would and have reccomended him to many friends. The quality of the work is amazing and guests we entertain always compliment us on the work that we show them. We will be using VOGUE PERFORMANCE for all future jobs in our house in relation to media and technology as we trust their opinion and the one to one advice. Andrew P.  

Clean Cuts, Precise Placements, Fashionable Finish.The work done on mounting my 42" TV and the floating shelf, and hiding the wires were done were with noticeable skill and in a timely manner. i give my word and a high acredidation towards Vogue and pierre on a job well done. Until the next job, Thank you and Goodluck,  

Landon Moroz.  

I purchased a set of high end rims and tires from VOGUE PERFORMANCE I was very pleased with there service. The wheels were even discontinued about a year later and I damaged one and he was still able to find me a replacement by putting in his usual great effort for his customers. Micheal M.  

They did great work on my mustang. I had a dvd deck and amp custom installed and mounted. Wiring done to produce high quality sound. Next I had a spoiler painted and mounted on to my car. And lastly I had angel eyes put in replacing the stock head lights. They had to be modded to fit. The job done on my car was excellent.  VOGUE PERFORMANCE upheld great professionalism. I would recommend them to others. Dee B.

Today, I had a remote starter installed....Pierre and team were EXCELLENT! Great service, very quick, great price and Pierre very knowledgeable and personable person! Thank you!!